Cookport Fair is an Historical Agricultural Fair!  



 The Cookport Fair Board of Directors would like to thank Marion Center High School's Art department (Kathy Patterson(Teacher)) for their participation in this years premium book cover contest.  Cookport Fair was based upon several schools coming together to display their project along with fun and games.  We wanted to keep this tradition alive by adding this project.  Each year a school is selected (based upon the schools in our scholarship program) to have there upper grade level art students participate and draw the cover of the premium book.  The theme comes from the Pennsylvania State Fair Associations and the students have to use their imagination to come up with a unique cover that coresponds with the theme.  The student with the best cover will win $50. and a week fair pass.  As well as having their drawing on the website and be distributed throughout the county.  We really appreciate the efforts the student have put into their drawings. Next year we look forward to Northern Cambria's as being selected as the next school to hold the cover for th 98th annual Cookport Fair.