Richard E. Keith Memorial Scholarship Program

A student may receive the Richard E. Keith Memorial Scholarship Award one time only.
Application material will not be returned and becomes the property of the scholarship committee.
Applicants who do not receive a scholarship are encouraged to apply in subsequent years.

 Who is Eligible 

Each applicant must plan on, or are, attending an accredited post-secondary educational institution, and must have complete their senior year of high school. Students must be from the following school districts to apply:
Purchase Line, Marion Center, Penns Manor, or Northern Cambria.
Students must obtain a minimum 2.5 GPA.

How to Apply

Student must complete an application and a statement of approximately 300 words, explaining how their high school education has helped them to achieve goals, objectives, and a career choice. In evaluating the applications, preference will be given to those demonstrating need, and desire and intiative. Each applicant must be subject to a person interview by the committee of the scholarship program if needed.

 Application Deadline 

Mail application & supporting
information to:
R. Michael Keith
279 Barr Slope Road
Clymer, PA 15728

Applications postmarked after April 15,
of the year applying for the scholarship will
not be considered.

 Announcement of Awards 

Applicants will be notified
by phone or email.

Payment of Awards

‍‍‍‍Evidence of satisfactory completion of a semester’s course including a transcript of final grades is required prior to payment of the award. Deadline for receiving documentation is May 31,
of the following year after the scholarship is awarded. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture.

 Printable Scholarship Application 

Scholarship Application

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